A farmer’s horse ran away, and his neighbor, feeling sorry for him,  said to the farmer:

“I am sorry, that such a bad thing happened to you.” 

The farmer replied:

“Don’t be, for who knows what is good or bad.”

Well, the next day, the horse that ran away came back to the farmer, this time bringing with it a herd of wild horses that it had befriended. The neighbor said to the farmer:

“I congratulate you for your good fortune!”

The farmer replied:

“Don’t, for who knows what is good or bad.”

Well, the next day the farmer’s son tried to mount one of the wild horses and fell, breaking his leg. Again, the neighbor said to the farmer:

“I’m sorry that such a bad thing happened to you.”

The farmer replied:

“Don’t be, for who knows what is good or bad.”

The next day soldiers came by to forcefully recruit for the army, but the farmer’s son was exempted because of his broken leg.

The Taoists’ wonderful story that explains why people must avoid judging things as right or wrong. 




She said it’s time to move on. I never wanted to… not sure if it’s possible…

I asked her “Why?” … why?……………..why?……. I kept repeating it inwardly.


“Would you feel the pain if I said that I wanted to leave you first?” …I whispered, clenching my teeth, suffering, while reminding myself that this question is absolutely useless and… almost desperate.

“No” – she uttered, not knowing that her answer started devouring …crashing everything inside me.

“You never loved me”, seemed like my words dropped into the puddle of rain, draining in tears of deeply afflicted dark-grey sky.

“That’s not true…and you know it”

Silence… I felt sick …and knew that I’m not strong enough to continue this conversation.

“When I love, – her voice was so tender, – I feel like I am the happiest person in the world, and nothing can possibly bring me down. When I love – I need nothing back. If the man I love will leave me, I will smile and say goodbye. Not because I stopped loving him or because I don’t need him… I will say goodbye because I know that if he is the right man/the one who would love me forever, he would never leave me…break me. I don’t want to keep the wrong man by my side.”


“Love is never selfish” she whispered… “And you have to let go…”

The cell phone fell in the water. The cold bitter rain was soaking into my clothes…my skin…into my heart. I was running to nowhere through the sharp walls of heavy flows. Only the sky could grieve with me… only the rain could wash away my sorrow.


We never realise, how many times we sit next to each other and think about the same. Maybe when you are in a group of people, amongst them – you think about something they think. Or one of them, all of a sudden, will start thinking about you… We never realise how connected we are and maybe – how very similar our souls are.

Distance and time are the greatest illusions of all. I am what you are. And you are what I am. We cross millions and millions of miles just to find something that’s already been inside us. Nothing is external. And nothing will ever be. I exist because you were born. I was born because you exist.

Eternity cannot be escaped.

And death is an illusion.

… I’m the silent line of the song of meaning …. I am the lethargy of empty rooms – in the corners of your consciousness, in the middle of the poppy field, at the end of common sense. I am the electrifying shocking touch, pulsating beat of ocean chill … the piercing cry of flocks of birds … I am the world and I am nothing. I am the non-sense of your phrase … I am the glass of wine that falls from trembling hands deep down into the abyss of shame amongst the crowd, breaking the clatter of deceitful evening…..

I am the breath of your audience stunned by your dead pale beauty, purified by mute confessions… by unutterable remorse. I am the lack of your religion and I’m the pray, frozen on those dry lips effusing true faith …

The ode to you, MEN

Posted: December 30, 2012 in Influx of Inspiration

There is nothing more intriguing than men. Yes, this idea is always out of fashion and sounds almost ridiculous according to social morals. Yeah, we know how unfathomable and mysterious women are – sometimes absolutely illogical and too complicated. But this is not about women.

I must say that I’m in love with men, convincing myself that the statement is adequate enough, I should mention that the feeling was found not too far from the line of total adoration.
Tall and not so tall, skinny and not so skinny, dark-haired, light-haired, blue-eyed, brown-eyed, shy, confident, in/experienced, im/mature, talkative, silent etc. etc. etc. It’s impossible to describe every single feature/quality/detail.
Hiding behind the wall of strength, rigidity, extreme masculinity, sometimes brutality and lack of affectivity, their core is saturated by sublime ideas, full of sensitivity and thrill. Their forever unexpressed gentle personalities are as vulnerable and fragile as any woman’s heart.
Their extreme need for acceptance and recognition can melt anything within a woman’s rich and sick imagination.
Oh men! How many words, how much there is to say! I care not about those, hurt from your ego, because they bring your title down, because they blame you……
Kind regards,
The Author of The Blog

“I think women should not smoke…but if I were one, I would nervously smoke cigarettes non-stop – one by one…”

“If I were a woman, I would work as a slut from 18 till I turn 21.

I would wear fishnet stockings, and I wouldn’t get upset when they rip”

“I would cook unusual dishes like lasagna and make perfect mulled wine”

“I would read more…a lot….. but think less”

“I would break men’s hearts – but then I would grow up, become wise and before breaking a man’s heart I would give him some glue”

“I wouldn’t care about the size of my breast – I would use what I have to the fullest. Let everyone see!”

“I would have a prideful straight posture, and I would emphasize my eyes with a thick black eyeliner or I wouldn’t wear make up at all!”

“I would have more opportunities to express love to all people in the world, especially the little ones”

“I would dye my hair in weird tones and colours”

“I would walk at night in a tight mini skirt….wearing high heels and carrying a gun”

“I would spend hours in a café…go to symphonies and theaters more often”

“I would be amazing in bed, and I would never show my partner that I’m the one who’s winning or dominating in sexual relationships”

“I would be moderately ironical, and I would become a great dancer”

“I would be a quite weird woman for sure….yes….”

And If I had a chance to meet this woman-myself – I would pass her by. It wouldn’t work out…she’s not quite right…


My hands are shaking, and when I look into the mirror, I notice that my eyes are like two gigantic black lakes = intensely wide so you can’t see the shores of the lakes. My heart is beating really fast as if I was running fast or doing extreme exercises – the chest is filling with excitement! The bottom of my stomach is sending smooth signals to my brain – full of warmth, gentleness and desires. Love is filling every cell of my body spreading around through my skin. I can breath.. I can stop breathing – The air isn’t significant anymore. It is just something. Something you can’t describe, and it’s so unsatisfying. You just wish you could inhale and never exhale. I enjoy breathing in, breathing in ’till the air would fill my lungs and get much deeper..descending to my stomach, reaching my toes. And suddenly my sight gets less sensitive ……. I’m observing less. My sight zone turns into a dark tunnel with reality in the middle. And the tunnel is getting narrower each time I try to look closer at objects around me. I’m totally conscious……but…My consciousness is not me anymore….  The voices in my head are begging me to do something..They are so miserable and I won’t let them conquer my strength and strong faith.

Finally, there’s no one around. This delusional tunnel is isolating me from everything and everyone…even from myself. There’s no “I” anymore. WHERE is my core?  A part of me is feverishly racing from side to side, insanely desperate. “Who and where am I ?”
Your name is E.g.o, and you are the most useless balast of one’s soul. And without you, my being is capable of sensing this engrossing and fulfilling emptiness…the euphoria of being….of existing…
It is anything you want it to become….